College of Education


Education is one of the foremost factors that are integral to national and social development. Education transforms and shapes society, which is why the University’s College of Education is committed to producing only the best educators. And as the Philippines is not without its challenges in the administering of proper education, graduates will also be equipped to address and deal with these problems going forward.

The idea that learning is constant is a key concept that the College adheres to, which is why not only are all the members of the faculty Doctorate or Masters degree holders, but are also active participants of various seminars, conferences, workshops, training and for in their respective fields in order to be abreast with the latest developments and methods in education. Students’ activities also reflect this idea through vigorous involvement in academic and other curricular activities in and out of the university, such as college, inter-college and inter-organization competitions, community outreach, research and paper presentations, and regional seminars and contests.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) The Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) pprogram is for those who have genuine love for and exceptional ability in working with young children and who desire careers in molding minds at the formative stage; gifts which in essence amount to a calling to elementary education. It provides excellent training for aspiring and prospective elementary school teachers to develop essential knowledge, skills and attitude expected of a 21st century teacher. Students of the program are free to choose from among the following areas of specialization: Early Childhood Education (ECED), Content Course and Special Education (SPED).

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) The Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) program is for people who desire self-fulfillment in life and who wish to have careers in imparting knowledge at the secondary level of education. It provides holistic training in the tradition of UB excellence for aspiring and prospective high school teachers. Students are trained to become effective, efficient, committed, creative and compassionate facilitators of learning in the 21st century. The fields of specialization for students to choose from are : English, Filipino, General Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Physical Education, Arts, Health and Music (PEAHM)

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) The Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) program is the study of the development, deployment and management of information resources in print, non-print, electronic and digital formats and services. Graduates of this program are being prepared to apply information technology to basic library operations and functions. Moreover, they are trained to harness a range of bibliographical and online tools to support teaching, research and other services. The program prepares students to their unique role in gathering, organizing and coordinating access to the best information sources for the knowledge-based organization they belong, as well as in implementing standards for the ethical and appropriate use of information.

Certificate in Teaching Program The Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP) provides professional education subjects and experiential field study courses in a compassionate, conducive, value-laden, technology-aided and research-driven learning environment; and is designed to cater to non-teaching professionals or degree holders as preparation for taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).